Z Zinc plating intermediate

CAS No.: 120478-49-1

Chemical nature
Chemical name: High temperature zinc plating carrier


Physical form Red brown to reddish brown viscous liquid
Solid content(%) ≥60-75%
pH 6.0~8.0(1% aqueous solution)
Cloud point ≥85℃

As a potassium chloride zinc plating carrier in zinc plating bath at a concentration of 0.8-4g/L. OX-401 has good throwing and covering power, even separations in combination with top brighteners like benzylidene acetone and 2-Chlorobenzaldehyde(OCBA).Because these are not water-soluble in the acid zinc bath, but OX-401 can emulsifies them well.The process can run at a higher temperature,good salt tolerance and resistance to hydrolysis.

200kg/drum, stored in cool and dry place.