S Substrate Wetting Agent

TL-600 series
CAS No.: 169117-72-0


Appearance   Composition HLB Effective Constituent


Yellowish liquid Ethoxylated acetylenic diol 6-7 100%


Yellowish liquid Ethoxylated acetylenic dio 9 100%


TL-604 and TL-607 wetting agents are ideal low foam,non-ionic wetting agents based on Gemini technology with high performance in waterborne systems.TL-604 and TL-607 reduce the static and dynamic surface tension to a degree better than normal fluorine surfactant and organosilicon surfactant.At the same time,compared with many fluorine surfactant and organosilicon surfactant,TL-604 and TL-607 can avoid problems such as foam growth,water sensitivity,recoating ability and etc

A highly efficient wetting agent(100%active liquid).A little addition (0.2%-1%)provides wetting,leveling and low foaming proportion improperly treated metal surface.It is an excellent alternative to fluorine surfactant and organosilicon surfactant with no extra addition of solvents or APE.TL-604 wetting agent is used in water based acrylic spray wood coating to provide better leveling and gloss than fluorine surfactant and organosilicon surfactant.Especially in DIY's water-based acrylic spray wood coating,it can greatly resolve the problem of water seepage and blistering.This shows its excellent water resistance.
A highly efficient wetting agent(100%active liquid)with great water solubility,it can effectively reduce dynamic and static tension in many demanding aqueous systems.It does not require additional solvent or APE,it's the best  alternative to fluorine surfactant and organosilicon surfactant.