S Substrate Wetting Agent


The OXTL-J20 Surfactant product is a versatile aid with wetting, de-foaming, and dispersion properties.This series of surfactants are the addition of ethylene oxide and TL104 surfactant, adding ethylene oxide to TL104 surfactant can improve the hydrophilic of the product, increase its solubility in water, improve wetting and de-foaming properties.Compared to the TL104 series of products, with different water-soluble, expanding the use.And to compound the FDA standards.The TL-J65 has higher turbidity points and can be used in It is also transparent in higher temperature systems.

PRODUCT DATE SHEET / Product Information
Chemical composition: 2,4,7,9 Tetramethyl-5-decanyl-4,7-diol ethylene oxide adduct.
Typical materialized data:
The data presented on this data page is only typical values, not a technical indicator of the product.



Color / chroma
density /g/ml
Number of water / mL
Static surface tension / m N/m
Dynamic surface tension / m N/m

All TL-J series products should be thoroughly mixed evenly before use and then added to the formula system.TL-J65, TL-J85 showed a solubility greater than 1% in water, while the addition of TL-J20, TL-J40 to the formulation required dispersed mixing for 15 —— for 30 min.

APPLICATION GUIDELINES / Application Information
Water-borne coating, water-borne pressure-sensitive glue, run plate liquid, inkjet ink Features and advantages:
The aid can quickly and effectively reduce the system surface tension, wetting the substrate, and spread out on the substrate surface can moisten the metal, plastic. 
The surface, even with dust and oil, can good wetting substrate; does not stabilize foam and help eliminate foam; improve uniform coating without fish eye or small needle eye, and improve smoothness.

GUIDELINES / Application Areas
water paint ●
Water pressure sensitive glue ●
Run version of liquid ●
Spray ink ●
latex impregnated ●
electroplate liquid ●

●—— specially recommended; ○—— recommended
The aid is also recommended for the production of a stable universal pigment concentrated slurry.

USE / Recommended Amount
Amount of aid dosage (purchased form):
Water-based coating: 0.1% - -3.0%
Water-borne pressure-sensitive glue: 0.1% - -1.0%
Run liquid: 0.1% -1.0%
Ink-jet ink: 0.1% - -1.0%
The above data are an empirical amount, and the best amount needs to be determined through a series of trials.

PACKING / Packaging
--25kg inner coated iron bucket
- -180kg ring plastic bucket